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Residential Painting and Remodeling Services

We offer a wide variety of preparation and painting services for interior and exterior applications allowing us to accommodate just about any situation. Our full-service approach helps to ensure that your project is completed correctly, professionally, and on time.

Power Washing

Exterior / Interior Wood Rot
Repairs / Carpentry

Power Washing

Water Damage

Power Washing

Interior Painting

Power Washing

Power Washing

Power Washing

Stain Work

Power Washing

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Why Perfect Coats?

We have a reputation for completing projects quickly and efficiently. We bring 30 years of experience and a service-oriented approach to our customers. We specialize in both interior and exterior residential and commercial projects. Each job is guaranteed and our work always includes preparation and clean up. So whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, interior designer, or remodeling contractor, call Perfect Coats for a free consultation.

“It’s been my aspiration to provide my customers with the perfect paint or remodeling job using the best possible products on the market at a reasonable and fair price.” – Brad Stancil, owner

Exterior Painting Services

When painting the exterior of the home, there are several factors that the homeowner should consider. First off, what color should the siding be painted? The color of the siding of a home can make it feel inviting or closed off. A fresh paint job can dramatically enhance the beauty of a house. The right exterior paint job can change the whole appearance of the house. 

Most people who paint the exterior like to select a color that will last throughout the years. This is the reason why most people go with neutral colors for siding and typically white or another light color for trim and accents. However, others decide to go with bright and bold color choices that make a statement. In either situation, the need for a reputable company is going to be something to consider.

Perfect Coats House Painting

Other Specialized Interior Remodeling Services :

  • Drywall Finishing and Repairs (lvl 5 Finishing Experts)
  • Plaster Repairs.
  • Turn popcorns ceiling to a smooth finish.
  • Wallpaper Removal and Wallpaper Install.
  • Carpentry Services Including Crown Moulding, Trim, Base, Chair rail, Wainscoting, Beadboard.
  • Water Damage.
  • Popcorn ceiling repair.
  • Stain work.


Before any work is started, our staff will take every precaution to properly cover and protect personal belongings. To ensure your property is not damaged in any way, we move and pack all personal Items furnishings, equipment, appliances, etc., and cover and seal all floors, windows, and doors. We will prepare the walls and surfaces to ensure that the paint adheres properly and will not only look great, but last. 


Upon completion of our work, we restore your room or business area to its original state so that when the job is complete, you don’t have additional work to do. We leave the work area clean and orderly. Draperies are reinstalled, windows washed and floors vacuumed. We guarantee your satisfaction.